Mayo Nursery School
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3 Year Old Program
Tuesdays and Thursdays 
(must be 3 by September 1)

3 AM class : 9:00 to 12:00PM 

Monthly Tuition: $125 
Mayo Nursery School Programs
Mayo Nursery School offers programs for 3 and 4-year olds. All students must be potty trained and pull-ups are not allowed in class.
4 Year Old Program
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
(must be 4 by September 1)

4 AM class : 9:00 to 12:00PM
Monthly Tuition: $150

Extended Day Enrichment on Wednesdays 12:00-2:00PM
Additional $50 each month

Preparing Your Child for Elementary School and Beyond!

So, what’s a day like at school? Take a look in our classroom to see children engaged in many activities – alone, with peers or with the teacher. During a typical day, children arrive to play on the playground or enjoy a few minutes of puzzles and games. Then it’s off to “Circle Time” where students update the daily calendar, discuss the weather and more.

During music and movement it’s time for self expression and creativity via dancing, singing, jumping and wiggling! Did we mention this helps to burn some energy and begins to develop healthy exercise for your children? Everyone is encouraged to participate, but not forced. We understand some children are shy or cautious and our experience has been if we give students a little bit of time to take in the environment, they will adjust and enjoy this new experience. 

Students then have time to explore the classroom’s numerous activity centers such as writing, library, housekeeping, blocks, manipulatives, and art. During this time they take turns engaging one-on-one with the teachers and co-op parents through specialized daily projects. 

After the daily centers activity, children need to learn how to sit quietly and listen. While co-op parents clean up for snack, the teacher reads a story and encourages students to answer questions in an effort to develop their reading comprehension and listening skills. 

Hungry? You bet! It’s time for a healthy snack and drink served by the co-op parent(s). And, if someone is celebrating a birthday, a special snack may be brought in to share with friends. Please check with the school regarding any food allergies that may be in the classroom.

After story time is over, the children are allowed to run and play on the playground. Energy is spent and friendships are developed. Parents coming to pick up their children enjoy chatting for a while especially during the nice warm days in spring and letting the kids play with their friends for a while longer. During inclement weather, the children play games in the circle time room or do team building games in the church hall.

All in all, any day at Mayo Nursery School is a fun-filled day of learning through play!

**Extended Day Enrichment for the 4s is an opportunity for children to experience a longer school day and to eat lunch with peers.  Children will participate in additional one on one and small group STEAM activities, movement and play.  We feel that this opportunity will help the children become prepared for the Kindergarten school day.